Paella Pan


  • Carbon Steel 

  • Built to specific size

  • Cool to touch spring handles

Santa Maria XXL 2.0

  • Fully adjustable, locking grill grate

  • Fire box door for easy cleaning

  • Bearing blocks for easy grill rack lifting

  • Grill grate size is 1500x900mm

  • Bottom storage shelf

Live Fire Cooking Tables


  • Fire tables built to size

  • Assorted chargrill, plancha and racks built to specifications

  • Many more options to come

Santa Maria

Stainless Edition

  • Fully adjustable, locking grill grate

  • Removable ash pan

  • Stainless Steel grill rack

  • Grill grate size is 900x500mm

  • Stainless steel shelves

Santa Maria XXL Deluxe

  • Fully adjustable, locking grill grate

  • Special Mechanism for easy adjustment

  • Bearing Blocks for smooth action

  • Enclosed storage cabinet

  • Flamed wooden shelves

  • Grill grate size is 1500 x 800mm

  • Total size H2000 x L1600 x W900

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Special Grill mechanism

This mechanism makes lifting and lowering the heavy grill rack very easy. The addition of Bearing Blocks on the support bar also enable smooth operation as you lift and lower the grill rack.